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  • Forming Film

    Vacpak Forming Films offer the best value to our customer, Vackpak Forming Film produced by co-extruded water quenched machine or cast machine. Forming Films have gloss appearance, excellent strength

  • Coextruded Lidding Film

    Vacpak Lidding Film is uses as top film in both rigid tray and flexible bottom film (like Vacpak Forming Film). Vacpak Lidding Film includes 2 types, 1 is co-extruded film, 1 is print and laminated fi

  • Print laminated lidding film

    Structure: BOPA/PE (medium barrier)  BOPA/PE/EVOH/PE (high barrier)Up to 8-color rotogravure print in BOPA, laminated with PE or PE/EVOH/PE film for different application. Thickness: accordi

  • Film for vacuum pouch

    Vacpak Film for vacuum pouch is used for making pouch, multi-layers co-extruded film with good strength and seal strength, meet customer’s different request, PA and EVOH as barrier, and PA as surface